BFA in Production and Design for Stage and Screen

Lighting Design (she/her/hers)

Sasha Lysenko

SASHA LYSENKO (Lighting Designer) Sasha Lysenko is a Lighting Designer from Fair Lawn, New Jersey. She has completed a Bachelors of Fine Art, for Production Design for Stage and Screen, with a concentration of Lighting Design. She has previously designed 7 shows for the Bachelors of Arts Acting International Performance Ensemble, which include The Veldt, Pseudocide, 29 Memory Lane, Blessed are the Girls, Withering Iris, The Deep End, and The Body Pile. She also designed The Wolves, which took place in Schaeberle theater. Also, this spring, she designed ballet, contemporary, and rockette style pieces for the Dance out Loud Dance Show. She has programmed for shows that include Machinal, To Clothe the Naked, Cult Classics, and Post Mortem.